domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

Implemented the first meeting of the project EVOLVET in Spain

Representatives of the different partner organisations of the project met together from the 9th to the 12th of December 2015 on the Spanish city of Logroño in order to set the basis and start to work on this European project co-funded by the Key Action 2 of the European Commission’s programme Erasmus+.

As kick-off meeting of the project, this transnational event joined together not only the local coordinators of EVOLVET project on each partner organisation, but also those professionals who will create the materials and intellectual outputs during the project implementation.

To begin with, the CONGDCAR and representatives of the Regional Office of La Rioja for External Affairs welcomed participants and introduced them the general description of the project, aims and objectives. Afterwards, representatives of each partner organisation had the chance to share with the others their entities’ programmes, structures, staff and especially those activities related with the main topic of the project (the training of volunteer coordinators on development projects). Once all the organisations were described, all the representatives checked together the general guidelines of the project, future steps, tasks to be done, administration procedures and justification documents related to it.

The second day of the meeting was mainly used to agree the dates of the next activities of the project and especially to start to work on the future intellectual outputs of EVOLVET. Attendees had not only the chance to establish the general structure of the project materials, but also to work in small groups about its content and share among them the results obtained during the whole day by a common reflection and evaluation.

In case you want to get more information about EVOLVET, please visit the different sections of this website, “like” it on Facebook or contact the partner organisation in your country.